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DISCREATION – the band coalesces the best elements of the American and European school of Death Metal and created thereby an unique sound made of blast, groove and melody.

The band played already successful as opening act for bands like Amon Amarth oder Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. 

With „Procreation Of The Wretched“ the band started a new chapter. The music becomes deeper and darker as before.

 Vocals: Marco Reitz    Guitars: Sebastian Schilling  Guitars: David Hübsch          Bass: Peter Frick  Drums: Martin Engels

Jimmy Lundqvist: Guitars
Pontus „penki“ Samuelsson: Vocals/Bass
Markus Svenson: Guitars
Arvid Borg: Drums

Entrails formed in 1990/91. They followed the Stockholm scene and can be put in the same  category as DismemberEntombedGrave and many more that cemented the brilliant Swedish death metal sound from T. 

During the winter of 2011/2012, the band negotiated with several labels about a new record deal. Entrails was officially signed by Metal Blade Records in March of 2012. 

Since then Entrails are touring successful through Europe and America. They were gast on festivals like e.g. Hellfest, Summer Breeze, PartySan, Maryland Deathfest and much more. 

The Band wants to release their new album in the course of this year.



Pontus Samuelson – Guitar & Vocals
Magnus Karlsson – Guitar
Tomas Salonen – Drums
Jonatan Rudenfors – Bass

GRAVESTONE is a death metal band from Växjö, Sweden. In 2012, guitar player Magnus Karlsson decided that it was time to turn up the distortion and start a band with influences from the early 90’s swedish death metal scene.

SICKENING, the first full length album by Gravestone, was unleashed upon the masses in early 2018. With piles of great reviews from Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlnia Murder), Ed Veter (Infidel Amsterdam) and many underground websites, Gravestone was recognised as a force to be reconed with. This punk driven slab of death metal has heads baning everywhere, and Gravestone is ready to take on the world.



Founded in early 2006 LIFELESS have been performing Traditional Death Metal ever since.

Lifeless is a established band in the scene. 

Besides many clubshows throughout the years alongside bands like DEATH (DTA-Tours), UNLEASHED (Swe), GORGUTS (CAN), EVOCATION (SWE), DEMONICAL (SWE) and many others the band played prestigious Festivals in 2015 – OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL (CZ), PARTY SAN OPEN AIR (D) and SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR (D).

Beside touring the band created their third album in 2017,  „The Occult Mastery“ again on F.D.A.-Records.

Mortals´ Path from the Ruhr (Ruhrpott) are playing good old Death Metal.

Their sound is reminiscent of Nihilist/Entombed and Grave. But also reminds of the UK and US Death like Obituary and Bolt Thrower, mixed with a good portion of Punk attitude. 

 Mortals´ path established themselves with a great number of concerts and have a good pillar in the Metal Underground.

With their live performance Mortal´ Path knows how to convince. That shows the enormous gig request since the beginning of 2018 by sundry established series of events ( e.g. Forge Fire Death, Live Undead, Symphonies of Death, Burn down Kray, Berkelterror Metalinvasion, Destination Metal).



SABIENDAS , was founded by the guitarist Alexandra in 2006.

Since than, the Death Metal Maniacs established themselves in the death metal scene. Beside their success with their album “RESTORED TO LIFE”, Sabiendas has a reputation as a unbeatable live band. They had the establish itself on big stages and to make a name for itself in other European countries, reaching from the North Sea coast to the Balkans. For the band, the greatest attraction is to play live and because of its longstanding experience SABIENDAS succeeds in “cracking” the audience, even the toughest.
Whoever has seen it, will confirm that SABIENDAS is “Live, a force”.